Sunday, May 16, 2010

Curves and Roses

Hi Mom~(I'm just going to begin each posting with this greeting as I have a feeling that she/you will be my most devout reader.)'s been almost three months since I first stepped foot in this foreign city. It actually amazes me to write that. It's been a whirlwind of a time. I should have started this blog when I first got here seeing how I have much to share; however, I've never been a fan of shoulding on myself. I'll give it to you in small doses mainly because it's almost midnight here and I don't feel like writing a ton. Let’s start with the basics:

My Dwelling

I live in a quaint one-bedroom apartment about 5 minutes from the school. It’s swell for a couple of reasons:

a) I can wake up between 8:50 and 9:02 and still make it to school by 9:27….9:35 if I get coffee. Not an ideal way to start the workday; yet, I do it for the kids, you know? Those extra minutes in the morning are the difference between “I love you, Lindsey Teacher” and “Lindsey Teacher, you crazy today.” I prefer the former statement.

b) I’m surrounded by nature. Every night I fall asleep under a canopy of roses. Pink ones. When I greet friends at my place I get to say cool things like, “Welcome to my floral abode.” It’s awesome!

My Job

I work at a hagwon, which is Korean for cash money millions…I mean private English Institution. I teach kindergarten and elementary Monday through Friday from 9:30 to forever. It’s quite a workload, but aren't all teaching jobs? My school is awesome for one reason:

a) My students. I teach an amazing group of seven year olds (which is around five years in America) more commonly referred to as The Grapes. They amaze me everyday with how smart and dedicated they are to their studies. I will go ahead and dedicate an entire post to these little kiddos. I love them and not just because they spoiled me rotten on Teachers’ Day and delight in the fact that I have curves.

One anecdote before I begin to wrap up. I’ll preface it by saying that most of the women in Korea are crazy thin (either that or they know how to work the color black to their advantage.) I don’t know that many of my kids have seen curves before….or boobs. Upon arriving in class one morning, a student exclaimed: “Oh! Lindsey Teacher we are so happy! You happy?” I cheesily replied, “Of course I’m happy! I get to spend my day with you guys!” They burst out in (evil) laughter: “Hahahahha! No! Happy because Lindsey Teacher you have baby!” They thought I was with child. Super. After explaining that I was in fact NOT expecting, a rather curious specimen of a child named Ben reached up, grabbed my chest and said: “Then what are these?!” It was both humiliating and sidesplitting at the same time.

Here is a picture of the perpetrator:

Everything else is going pretty well. I’m getting out and seeing some great things. I joined a hot yoga gym. I have had the pleasure of seeing this handsome beast named John Hildebrand twice now (and am looking forward to the next encounter.) I eat great food. I miss home quite a bit….especially my main man Marley. I’m planning a trip to Japan in August. I’m meeting some great people and really missing some others (Hannah Colclazier.) South Korea has been quite a treat thus far. OH! Except when you hear unidentified war sirens (which are very scary and surreal might I add) and see military men with guns posted at every street corner. I’ll save that story for next time.

Toodles and Poodles,


*Bear with me. I'll get better at blogging.