Thursday, December 16, 2010

Just a little taste...

I'm heading out to grab some grub with buds and pick up some new furniture (heel click!) that I ordered; however, I just uploaded some photos from Thanksgiving and thought I'd give a little punkin' pie preview...

(Note: No animals were harmed in the making of this masterpiece.)

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Dawg Gon' Cold

Yesterday was a cold one. Bone-chilling cold. The kind of cold that hurts. I'm watching a friend's dog so, unfortunately, I don't have the luxury of staying indoors all the time (good practice for Marley's arrival). Also, the past few days I've been spending time baking/talking with one of my new friends (Kia) in preparation for a fundraiser that was held last night to benefit Animal Rescue Korea (ARK). I really enjoy going over to her place (even in the bitter cold) because she, too, is a vegan and has introduced me to a whole new world of grub possibilities. I spent my Thanksgiving in her company along with her boyfriend, friends and numerous pooches they have taken in. Good people. And pooches. I'll post about baking and Thanksgiving another time, but for now, let's talk canines.

The subject of dogs in Korea is a hot one. I'm learning more about the (emotionally-charged) issue everyday, but I won't bore you with facts or my opinion. Point blank: there are some problems. And, like most other places around the world, there are simply too many dogs wandering the streets thanks to people who don't take responsibility for them. Obviously, as a result, the shelters are overflowing with dogs in need of care. From what I understand, one or more of the shelters are independently-owned by people who hold lots of land. So, in some cases, it's literally a one-man show. Tons of puppies/dogs with only one guy to go around and care for them (yikes). I've learned that the dogs at one of the shelters are kept outdoors. All. Year. Round.

Kia and Sean rescued many of their (five) pets from such shelters. One of their dogs -- and probably my favorite -- Darwin is believed to have escaped from a dog know, the place they keep dogs before sending them off to be tortured/slaughtered for some posintang (dog soup). Yeah. Another one of their pets, Marcel, was living at the shelter where animals are kept outdoors. Luckily, now he sports a cute WARM sweater :)

Sooooo, last night, a fundraiser went down to help these shelters. And, I helped. In the -4 degrees Celsius temp. It was brutal. But nice. (It should be said that I took more warm-up breaks than anyone; however, I was there and that's what counts, right?) Each time I went inside in an effort to feel my feet again, I kept thinking: This is three hours of painstakingly-cold weather you have to endure. Imagine countless nights of this. I don't know how those animals survive. A lot of them don't and it gives the phrase dog gone cold a whole new meaning for me.

I'm thinking of doin' a rescue...whad'dya think?

To learn more about the treatment of dogs in Korea, check this out.
You can learn more here, too.
WARNING: This site contains a graphic video and is not really suitable for those who cry easily.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Fashionably Late's time to get serious. I'm in the process of revampin' this blog and will be in business soon. There are too many awesome things happening here to not share. Plus, I've decided to stick around these parts for another year so I figure this is my chance to make something (a blogger) of myself. SO,(Mom and Michelle) sit tight and check for updates on a more regular basis :)

Some quick updates:
#1) I've veganized my life and could not be more pleased with how much love it brings on a daily basis. Seriously. Love. Everywhere.

#2) I've decided to re-sign with my school for another year. My face hurts from smiling so much on a daily basis thanks to my lovely little kiddos. Really. I think dimples have formed that were not previously on my cheeks (dimples...wrinkles...meh?) How can I pass up another year of this? Plus, this year has flown by so quickly that I'm sure the second will, too. So those of you who have not been out here to visit, start planning (ahem, Hannah Colclazier).

#3) I'm bringing Sir Marls to Korea! Yeah, he needs to break free of his sheltered mama's boy persona and experience this bustlin' city. It's done wonders for me, now it's time to think 'bout ma babay.

Some things to look forward to:

1. Snow. It's coming...I can feel it. :)

2. Christmas break: I was going to travel to Indonesia and Malaysia, but have postponed that trip in order to spend time with my family over the holidays. It's been ages since I've talked with my little bros and I gotta say: I miss the knuckle heads.

3. My dear friend Tonya will be back in Korea come February/March. I'm looking forward to another (full) year with her in Korea. Good times are a given.

So there you have it folks. Looking forward to sharing more things with you and hopefully a visit or two from some of yas.

Hugs, (*are you getting your daily 12?)