Friday, February 4, 2011

Sittin' Up in My Room

Happy Chinese New Year! And, for all you Koreans out there: 새해복 많이 받으세요! I'm fortunate to have a few days off, during which I will be doing nothing but simply sittin' up in my room, listening to music (just bought new speakers), reading, and watching random movies. (Have you ever heard of Into the Woods? It's a musical fantasy -- super weird/funny/terrible.) My holiday will look something like this -- minus the whole pining over a guy thing:

Yes, I dance. But, in mismatched pajamas sans backup dancers (unfortunately). And, I don't watch myself in the mirror as much as she does. Needless to say, it's been fun.

You want to see my room? Inspired by my friend Lindsay, who wrote a darling post about her college cottage dwelling back in Norman, I decided to take some pics of my place for my family. But, I'll share them here. Perhaps it will inspire a visit? Prease?

Come in, Come in:

View from the "front door":

Note: Being that my place is a one-room apartment, I have divided it into areas. You know, break up the monotony of it all. Also, note the randomness of it all. Not much cohesive decor going on here. Just the way I like it for now. Here is my favorite area from a distance:
That shot was taken from my bed. These past few days I have been going from A(bed) to B(couch). It. is. awesome. I haven't had much time for relaxation lately. My body has been mad at me. I give it what it wants now.

I hang here a lot when I'm not shuffling around the city. It's cozy, yes?
I do just about everything here. Read. Write. Think. Gawk over these fellas:

Mom, Bunnie says hi. It looks like a caught in the moment shot. I love it.
(Sorry guys: I was playing with camera settings and lighting. And, yes, I daydream about dead musicians, fictional characters from literature, and dead authors. I don't daydream about Barack. I just like that picture.)

My luxurious bathroom:

These won't come off, I swear.

My swanky view:

That is all. Nothing too special about this place, except that it's mine for now. I love my reading corner. I love the random feel I get when I'm hanging here. It's more fun. I never find myself bored.

Now, come over. I'll cook for you. Yeah, I'm lookin' at you two.

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  1. i LOVE this post! hey thanks sey for the say props. You have made a one-room place VERY cozy and i ADORE that couch!!!!!!! thanks for sharing!