Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Cool Kids: We Don't Wanna (and WON'T) Grow up.

OKAY! I know I put a lot of music in my posts, but I listen to it a lot, and usually am inspired by particular songs to write about certain things. So~YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE SONGS WHILE ENJOYING THE PICTURES I'm going to share:

In one month, I will say good-bye to my lovely little Grapes. They will graduate, move on (unless they enroll in the elementary program -- fingers crossed!), and, hopefully, have lots of things to remember from my class. I aim to make them laugh ATLEAST 20 times a day, and have designated the first ten minutes of each class Hugs and Cheeky Time. (It sounds weird, but just go with it.) We hug each other, kiss (European style -- IT'S ADORABLE), and every so often one of them sneaks a bum grab. Today, while walking to school, Tom's song came on and it inspired me to make today a really memorable day for the little ones. Here's a glimpse into our day:

Alright, let's change songs here for these next few photos, yeah?


Those are most of my sweet kiddos. We had fun. Thanks for looking through all dem memories. If you ever want to skype with us, shoot me a message. They love showing off their English skillzzzz.



  1. Dude, Grace looks like such a gangster in the picture: "Make em say UGHH". Did you teach her how to do the international "bust a cap in yo ass" sign??

  2. You know it, DuMond. I devote my break time to teaching them the ways of the ~real world.~ Kids gotta learn it ain't all gummy bears and bursday parries out there. So far, Grace has shown the most potential.

  3. Lindsey! We have a family blog (Mikes side) and somehow I came across yours. Just perused a little bit but have to say you look amazing and the little ones are adorable! Wanted to view your video but the play icon has a bar across it. Bummer! But at least I got to see your photos. Say hello to your family for me. Love, Jan

  4. Thanks Jan! You're too sweet. My kids are adorable. I'm getting sentimental just thinking about loosing them next semester. (Tear.) I hope you guys are well! I think about KELLY all the time...keep in touch, ok? Love, Linds