Sunday, January 16, 2011


The weather outside is frightful. Maybe it's the Alaskan in me, but I've always had warm feelings associated with the frigid temps. Ahhh, Alaska. I'm kind of missing you. I've decided that my next move must include the following: mountains/lots of outdoor recreational activities; excellent local brews, and lots of music. Denver...maybe? I get excited just thinking about it. (Is it too early to start a count-down? A 365+ countdown?) Not that I'm regretting my decision to stay in Seoul for an additional year. Sometimes I'm like, damn...what have I done? But, having the goal of moving someplace totally awesome makes me excited. I can't believe I've already been here for close to a what a year it has been.

A lot has happened in my months here. A lot. Went on some neat hiking excursions. Went to a rad beach festival that included romping in mud all weekend, and dancing on the beach into the wee-hours of the morning. Visited Japan. Sweat my face off in a strictly Korean speaking hot yoga club for six months. Navigated my way around the majority of the grocery stores in Seoul in search of my diet staples...yada-yada-yada. But, I'd say the most memorable experiences I've had, so far, have been the concerts/festivals I've gone to.

Here's a little recap:

The Cool Kids: I really love these guys. I could dance to them all night. And I did. When I first got to Seoul, The Cool Kids were playing at an event called the Seed Festival at AX-Korea. Highlights: dancing on stage (whhhaaaaa?) and having my very own dance party at the end of the evening (morning). Anyone who knows me can imagine what this looked like. My friends describe it as Alice in Wonderland meets Penny Lane (minus the Band-Aides thing). I'll take it.

Caribou: Good beats. Good people. Weird opening act. Marriage proposal -- that I almost considered because he was from Pittsburg (not really) -- and a oh, hey, you're the girl from Jane's Groove last weekend? Dear gawd. I'm building street cred with my solo dance parties. I'll take it?

Summer Sonic: A music festival in Japan. A good selection of music -- HOLE WAS THERE?! WHAT? -- but the highlight for me was probably Band of Horses. It was interesting being a foreigner there because the scene ain't nothin' compared to what I've experienced back home or in Korea. A lot of the people in the audience at various shows were taking little cat naps. It was pretty funny. A Tribe Called Quest was there as well as Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Caught a little Stevie Wonder, too. But, Band of Horses... I think they are beautiful.

GLOBAL GATHERING!!!: By far the funnest night at a show, so far. I only wish I had had my camera to document it all. The trek to get there was almost equally as fun...lots of traffic, lots of people. A long walk because the cab driver wouldn't take us any farther. An impromptu bathroom break on the docks. Sprinting the last stretch motivated by Justice's beats. Ahhhh. I want to go back. Here's the best video I could find.

I danced my face, legs,, I danced my whole body off, if that is possible. Luckily this time, I had joiners. The next morning, I could barely lift my arms. I think they were raised the. entire. night. I really hope the line up is good this year.

The Flaming Lips: Tried and true these beauties deliver. Although I've seen them a few times, this time was exceptional. A little late arriving, but caught what I needed to see. College days relived with some beer shot guns. Marriage proposal -- this time by a girl -- and confetti in my purse that I refuse to trash. Stealing posters. Over-priced t-shirts. I'll take it.

What's next? What's next?

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