Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Purely for Pleasure

I may or may not have just walked 30 minutes in the 20 degree temps for some of these (ridiculously over-priced) bad boys:


(*I have no idea how to put these two next to each other. I'm still new to blogging. And, yes, I'm having a bowl of each.)

It's been fuh-reezing here the past few weeks. A few days of nice snow, but mainly just ice and muddy sludge. It's ok though. I love snowy-ish, white-ish/brownish/grayish scenery. (Oh my gawd, this ice cream is so good.)

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2011? Where does the time go? (I'm having a really hard time writing right now, as I cannot concentrate on much aside from this bowl of ice cream...the Cherry Nirvana flavor...)

Ok, bowl(s) is/are finished. But, seriously. 2011...a year of good schtuff. I'm going to run a marathon. There, I said it. I've been avoiding it -- something about resolutions accompanied with zero follow-through. But, seriously, I think I'm going to run a marathon. I've been running my butt off lately -- not actually, it's still there, thankfully). I can't get enough. I run in the mornings. I run in the evenings. My students and I even take little jogs around the classroom to get our brains going. (Their request, not mine -- we call them brain breaks.) Running might be my favorite part of the day. (Picture me cheesily grinning the whole time on the treadmill, surrounded by Koreans who look at me like I'm a sweaty baboon...not that my butt is red...or showing for that matter.) Listening to these gems only adds to the good time:

(Come on, it kind of makes you want to move, yeah? It's ok.)

(To redeem myself.)

I've actually been surprising myself and running 5kms in the morning and 5kms at night. Sixty-ish miles a week. (Thank you Dad and Tunde...if I add him in the labels do you think he would stumble upon this post and contact me?) I want to do some 5k races for fun while I'm still in Seoul. Then, move up to 10k to add a little personal challenge into the mix. Ultimately, a marathon before I leave Korea would be an amazing ending to this chapter in my life. I actually think I can do it (she said so hesitantly). So today, I took my first step in training for some races: I filled out an application for the Seoul Flyers Running Club. Yeaaaa. I'll keep you posted.

Okay, I'm going to reward myself for taking the time to post with some more ice cream...maybe ;)

Big hugs.

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  1. Thank you for the SWEETEST comment you left me!! You made my day. I am so excited to follow your blog. That ice cream looks amazing...you better have eaten both bowls:) I LOVE like a G6!!