Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A few reasons I'm Seouled on Seoul: Part One

First of all: you should listen to this song while reading. The chorus reminds me of soulful Seoul nights. :)

Seoul is hot. It's crazy fun and offers endless possibilities for memory making. (I feel like I should end that sentence with a loves it! ye gawds.) It's the other city that doesn't sleep. A night out here is generally a solid commitment. Otherwise, you find yourself taking naps in Noraebong (karaoke) rooms OR crashing in a bath house...two images to describe bath houses: no clothes in designated areas; and, old ladies rubbing you down (pounding the lights out of you) with scrubs. Terrif. These days, said nights just don't work for me much...it takes a lot out of me. See for yourself:
However, it's not all flashing lights and pounding hangover headaches. Here are some reasons I'm hooked on dis place...

1) I have amazing students. They are simply delightful. My words won't do them justice. I'll have to get some video footage soon. But, for now, some pictures will have to do.

Hey girl hey! (Our go-to phrase in Grapes class.) Getting down during Halloweeeen! We so cra-gee.

2) I'm able to create an environment where my students feel they can openly and comfortably explore the never-ending question: who am I? Eddy wasn't sure what he wanted to be for Halloween. Buzz or Butterfly? This is what we came up with. We called it the Flaming Buzz. Honest to goodness, he came up with the name.
Eddy enjoys the following: Buzz Lightyear; sparkly masks; pink nail polish; and hand-holding with his best bud, Joy. Needless to say, he is adorable.
This picture really needs no words. Seouled.
I've fallen particularly hard for this little one.

3) I laugh often. It's not uncommon to run into some hilarious interpretations of English, as well as some pretty awesome signage. Take this for example:
This comforting sign is located in the restrooms at the local HomePlus. It serves as a friendly reminder that, in case of emergency while visiting the loo, your trusty HomePlus employers are only the push-of-a-button away. For you, he will.

Hooookay~Sreepy time. South Korean hugs sent out to Chelsea tonight :) I hope you are well dear.

Love. Lots of it.



  1. Omg! Love this song! Its def one of my Seoul songs!
    This soooo makes me miss the crap out of SEoul!
    I love flaming buzz... this sign... HiLaRious!!!

  2. you look like you are doing much more than TEACHING these sweet young spirits!!!! looks like you are help molding them into who they already innately are in a safe and loving space! that's like, the most important job in the entire world. mad props!

  3. Titania~maaaybe you should consider coming back to Korea :) Good ole KC needs a sweet soul like yourself.

    SAY~That may be the nicest compliment I've received since I began teaching! (Koreans aren't very keen on compliments.) It's really encouraging, too! You're too sweet (if that's even possible)!