Sunday, January 16, 2011

Here, There, and Everywhere: A Shout Out.

Missing one Jay Brock Riddle these days. Even though it's been a good (terribly sad) five years, the reality truly never. sets. in. With each new experience I have, my initial reaction is to reach for the phone to share it with this guy:

Luckily, I'll always have the following: his eyes, his smile, his athletic genes, his humor, The Beatles, John Lennon, my brother Hunter, who grows more and more to look eerily like him (Watch out ladies. And Bailey -- you're just as cool and attractive.), Eddie Murphy, Chevy Chase, and his love for music. Thanks J.B.

I find myself writing this post for a couple of reasons:

1) I miss the stuffing out of this guy. I seriously wish that he was here. there. and everywhere.

2) Oddly, he is here, there, and everywhere. (This is about to get so cool -- in my opinion.) For those of you who knew my dad, he was a Lennon man all the way. He was really into Lennon's words in Let it be and Lennon's messages overall. He always encouraged/begged my brothers, awesome musicians (all bias aside, these dudes rock), to learn to play the song. At his funeral, at the age of sixteen, Bailey (sans his twin brother) played it. Perfectly. A few years prior to his unexpected death, I remember him printing out the lyrics to Let it be, telling me to read them, ponder their meaning. I never appreciated it at the time, however, now I truly appreciate it everyday as it is my go-to mantra when I find myself in times of trouble.

Korea is cool, but there have been and continue to be challenges along the way. There have been times when packing up and heading home seems like a really nice option. Anytime I have felt myself feeling sliiiightly sad (emo), I take a walk. I usually end up at a park, coffee shop or my favorite all-you-can-eat buffet (cue emotional eating) There, I sit. Chill. Read. Write. Just be. And...are you ready for this? Each time I am having one of these (emo) fits, EACH TIME, Let it be starts playing. No matter where I am, the park, a cafe, the buffet, this song (marvelous man) delivers.

*Let this video buffer and watch it. It's worth it.
**Okay, really, Yoko? Let a man breathe ;)

Thanks for reading. Now, go hug your dad. ;)

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